Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She did

The big weekend has finally come and gone: Liz is now married! She's off in the French Riviera, honeymooning around Nice, Monaco, and Cannes. My parents took a post-wedding holiday to New York, too. And I'm in Langley, enjoying the fog and squirrels that drop walnuts on your head as you walk by. Where is the justice?!! Not in my back pocket, that's for sure. Also, is anyone else finding their office attire is bending more and more towards what Mr. Rogers wore AFTER he got home? The front pockets on my cardigan are sure handy!* Langley isn't SO bad...yet. My neighbours haven't made any complaints about my incessant music-playing-dishwashing-plate-dropping-smoke-
alarming-door-banging ways yet, and I found out there's an H-Mart out here (but I can't find the address)!! And a T & T in Surrey! And of course, the Olive Garden.

I would like you people to know that a truck just drove by pulling two cows in a trailer.

* My bad. After googling, it turns out Mr. Rogers wore zippered sweaters with no front pockets:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bike it out

It's summertime, and that means I want to ride my bicycle.

Japanese brand Arrow, and their bespoke line Trunk, design simple, logo-less bicycles and hella sweet accessories, like wooden bells and passenger chariots. I want them all, in case you were wondering, especially the Yamajin.

The Wall Street Journal published an article recently on the awesomeness of biking in Denmark and the Netherlands.

The Dutch Bicycle Company can help you channel Copenhagen with little push-go-karts.

Henry WorkCycles produces a bike for you to carry a lot of ice cream in, and one to pioneer the Western frontier.

I didn't figure this out myself. For more bicycling goodies, go to Velo Orange.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ahoy, mateys!

If you can make it, the What The Heck Fest is happening in Anacortes this weekend. Most importantly, that means tomorrow is Shipwreck Saturday! Bring your totes and load up on the loot!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lonely no more

What does a girl need in the dead of summer in Vancouver, with her nearest and dearest spread out all over the world, and no nine-to-fiver to occupy her time?

No, no, no, not a gym membership,

What I need is an Asahi Beerbot!

This perfect little companion will store your beer all summer and, with the push of a button, pour you a cool one when it's time to celebrate your triumphs or seek comfort during the lows. It even pauses twice to adjust the tilt of your glass so that the head pours just so. And did I mention the programmable Japanese exclamations? Hello awesome!! Now only if it could walk and hold your hand...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

And then we dance

Hurrah! Another concert success at the Plaza Club! Saw the Pipettes tonight with TBW, Cwang, and Elaine. The show was awesome and they did their mightiest to get Vancouver people to dance (or at least sort-of-sway). But the big surprise was their opening act. No, not Monster Bob, but Smoosh! They introduced a 3rd Smoosh, a wee one (!), who is rocking the bass guitar! She wore awesome tights and counted out her beats under her breath. I hope they don't go all Olsen as they grow up.

I'm determined to learn an instrument, now. I just have to decide which one. And then I can be a Smoosh, too!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Go Team!

Everyone, please welcome Cwang back to Vancouver! High five!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't stop 'til you get enough

Whoa! Yah, I'm still alive! It's been non-stop since exams ended, starting off with an interview in Victoria (no dice), and then zipping off to New York for 9-1/2 days.

Big Apple City was sweeeeeeet! TBW and I walked all over 2 of the 3 boroughs, made excessive use of our subway passes (I love the 6! I hate the E!), and shopped and ate until we dropped on a daily basis. The only thing we didn't drop was the beats at Hip Hop Karaoke (TBW's song wasn't on the karaoke list), but daaaang, those whiteboy computer guys have some mad werd skillz, yo. And Hip Hop Karaoke was just part of the awesomeness. We stayed at Chui's, Kari's (thank you!), and the Pod Hotel, trekked around Midtown, covered Soho, watched a ball game and some hecklers at Central Park, wandered around the Met (yay! Costume Institute!) and Moma (double yay!) and the Cooper-Hewitt (triple yay!), tripped through the West Village, explored Brooklyn, and did as much as we could of Century 21 in half an hour. And the FOOD! We tried dumplings at Mandoo (awesome) and Momofuku (awesome) and Joe's Shanghai, of course (but just say no to Dumpling Man), grilled corn and horachas at the Red Hook Ball Fields, fried chicken and catfish and chitterlings (nooooooo!) at the Pink Tea Cup, tarts at Egg Custard King in Chinatown (the best ever), pricey pasta at the Original Vincent's in Little Italy, meat on a stick, buttery goodies from the Bouchon Bakery, gelato in Brooklyn, yakitori in the East Village, Vietnamese food at the Mooncake Cafe (cheap and good!), fancy hot chocolate at Max Brenner, lots of rice at Rice, tummy-rubbing milkshakes and burgers (made of sirloin
and brisket!) at the Shake Shack, and then there was Lindsay's Sedar, and Katz's Deli...! I'm full just thinking about it. Hurrah! New York! My nose is just starting to feel normal again, and I can't wait to go back! There are some pictures here, but they are mostly of Moma. TBW should have more.

When I finally came home (a day later and somehow via the 8th Mile and Cincinatti), I went to Feist and accidentally got hired to do unpaid articles in Langley (emphasis on the accidentally). And at 8:30 this morning, I graduated with the awesome Law Class of 2007 and a very disfunctional grad cap. It was cool seeing everyone (some for the last time, I wonder), and my Dad got some mileage out of the "I'm a Wong ... I'm a Wong ... I'm a-Right" joke (Papa Mah's personal favourite).

Phew. Time to take a nap. K.I.T. H.A.G.S.